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Brooke Marks is totally naked in this new zip set titled “Bare Bubbles”. She’s in the bathtub nude and putting soap suds all over her hot naked body. If you purchase the zip then you get to see more of her boobs and pussy too btw 🙂

Her site says this, quoting directly:
“Brooke sheds her duds and covers herself in suds! For a moment, anyway. With every second that goes by, more bubbles pop. Within a minute, all the bubbles have popped away. Watching this zipset, it won’t be a minute until you’ve popped one off as well.

With two HD camera angles both on screen at once, you’ll see the first multi-perspective “whoopsies” in Brooke Marks history, as she lathers up and dances the soap clean off her famous body. It’s a sudsational booty-shaking, pussy-grinding striptease, and as the soap runs off her tits and back down into the tub, her flat sexy stomach looks as good as it ever has. There are moments in this video with straight-ahead views where you can’t tell whether there’s soap left on any of her naughty bits at all any more.

She slides her tits back and forth across the glass of the walk-in shower, knocking the suds off her nipples. Then, in a first-time ever move for Brooke, she presses her round melons against the glass again and again, completely exposing her tits. Brooke drops the soap in this zipset, so please be a good fan and drop a little cash to let her know you like it. It’s a worthy purchase, and you’ll be the first to reach for a towel!”

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