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Submitted pics of a really sexy Thai babe with busty fake tits. She’s got such a tight and sexy body and very pretty face. She’s a young girl from Pattaya, Thailand. If I ever go their to Thailand I’ll be searching for a hot ass amateur thai girl like this!!!

Ex-BF submits these and says:
“Sending you 2 pics from a girl i met in a ladybar in Pattaya (Thailand). It was my first time to a beerbar there so i was a bit nervous at first. Anyway, we talked and i was getting kind of drunk. I though fuck it, and asked if she wanted to go back to my hotel with me. Guess what? She said yes.

You can imagine how the night went. Yes, i did drink a shitload of beer but this girl was so hot she kept me up all night!

Anyway, not only that, the next day she didn’t want to leave so we sticked together. I knew that was going to cost me extra but i thought: fuck it!

She showed me around Pattaya and we even went to Go-Go bars together. We had the best time.. unfortunately i had to leave after 5 days of heaven. I still talk to her sometimes though..

Enjoy the pics.”

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