April 01st 2017

No more adverts!

Beginning today, there will be no more popunder adverts and no more of those big banner adverts on the left and right side of RealTeenGirls.org anymore.

I am adding the new option to help us with our site, by taking donations from anyone who can appreciate a clean site with much less adverts than typical TRUE amateur porn sites. 1 penny or $1 dollar or anything you would ever feel is right, is alright, and if sent please let me know via email so I can give shoutouts. The goal here is hoping to cover server cost, I work for free, to find the hotties since I’m (of course) the #1 fan of REAL….NAKED….. 18+ …. TEEN GIRLS

The Goal: the main reason for this is I want to give the visitors to this page more of what you want, and less of the crap you don’t want. I hate popups, adverts, bullshit too, so I know some can appreciate this move 🙂

Bitcoin: 17GKgVgcr8SB9GrYYCX9x5PCx6Spka24VE

Thank you!

– admin

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September 26th 2015

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June 19th 2015

Hi ya’ll, I have no idea what the fuck happened, but it seems the entire 2014 post pics/contents have disappeared. I’m in the process of manually restoring…. going thru finding each post and re-uploading them all.


Sorry for the problem and within 3 days all those sexy girls pics from 2014 will be back online 🙂

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September 11th 2014

We remember, RIP all victims, families, friends and anyone who believes in freedom of a persons own “free will”

And burn in hell to all those who were involved with it.

God bless America (and evolution), and may good come to all those people and creatures of the world with good intentions!

Fuck you isis, fuck you taliban, fuck you osama bin has been, fuck you mister want-some-attention-seeking whore mother fuckers of the world trying to hate on others bcos you aren’t happy trying to make problems for others. Fuck you!

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