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Miley Cyrus is at it again and being super naughty and nude right in the public eye, posing naked for Candy Transversal magazine. She is topless and appears to be smoking a marijuana joint, sticking her tongue out like she’s licking pussy, wearing tall black boots, daisy dooks and letting her boobs hangout while she’s sucking 2 of her fingers, imagine that being your hard cock! The best is she’s wearing police uniform, but no shirt, topless, her perky tits out for us to see while she’s sucking on the billy club. She’s wearing a 1 piece white swimsuit that says “My Pussy my choice”. And wow, how about that picture where she’s holding a black dildo and licking the tip of it, yummy! Miley Cyrus nude pics, you are one naughty lil young celebrity girl!

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